Telecaster humbucker single coil wiring diagram

Telecaster humbucker single coil wiring diagram

telecaster humbucker single coil wiring diagram

Dirk Wacker lives in Germany and has been a guitar addict since age 5. When not working at his guitar workbench, he plays country, rockabilly, surf, and flamenco. Contact him at info singlecoil.

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I hope you all had a great holidays and that Santa brought you some nice new gear toys … maybe a Telecaster? If so, heat up your soldering iron, because this month, we will take a closer look into the Telecaster circuit and the possibilities to expand its tonal palette. To start, I would like to ask you a question: how many things can you name that are still built today exactly the same way as 60 years before? The Telecaster is one of them! Without any doubt, Leo Fender was one of the great masterminds in musical history.

Almost 60 years ago, he constructed an electrical guitar that remains a landmark today. The Telecaster is a guitar with very complex primary-tone physics, but on the other hand, is electronically very simple. If your Telecaster has a good primary tone, it will benefit from the following mods and you can maximize your tonal possibilities.

To make your guitar road-worthy, I highly recommend completely replacing all external components with a "made in the Far East" quality. This can also cure a dull sounding guitar and the virtual "blanket over my amp" syndrome. A fresh and matched set of high quality CTS pots, a good CRL 3-way switch, a new Switchcraft or Neutrik output jack, all connected with good cable and solder plus a top-notch tone cap can do magic to your tone.

Having said that, let''s look at the standard Telecaster wiring that is used in almost all Telecaster guitars today. We will talk about this subject later. Changing Pot and Cap Values As a guideline you can say the higher the resistance, the warmer the tone.

This is valid for both the pots and the tone cap. For a very bright sounding guitar, I recommend k pots to get rid of the penetrating highs; vice versa, you can use k or even 1Meg pots on guitars with not so sparkling high-end sizzle to bring out more of the top-end.

Of course, this all is personal choice, and is dependent on the pickups you use. The standard value of the tone cap is 0. This will guarantee that your tone will always be defined and full of life and color, even when you completely close the tone control. Personally I use selected pF Orange Drop caps and k pots for a classic, vintage Telecaster tone. Pickup Swapping I bet the number of good replacement pickups available for Teles has never been bigger than today.

An often discussed subject is the Telecaster neck pickup, as it seems to divide players into two different parties: you either love it or hate it.Mixing Single Coil pickups and Humbuckers present a wide array of challenges to the average guitarist.

HSS Strats, Telecasters, and other mixed-pickup guitars all have this problem, and most of the time, it goes overlooked by the guitarist. A single coil is usuallyturns of wire on a single bobbin, whereas humbuckers are two single coils wired in series — a lot more output and a completely different and darker tone.

Check out this reference:. Confused on Pot Values? Check out our Volume and Tone Pots Post. Mixing these two in a guitar with a single master volume pot usually means you need to sacrifice something.

Do you use a K volume pot for your bridge humbucker and have brighter-sounding single coils, or vice versa? Ask yourself: what position do I play the most? Do I love the sound of the Strat neck Pickup and only occasionally use the bridge? Or, do I rock out with the bridge humbucker a lot and rarely play the single coils? Knowing the answer to this question will help you choose the right wind of pickups, and solution that might work best for you.

This is our most recommended solution.


Choose the most compatible pickup outputs and tone. If you have a guitar with mixed pickups, spending time choosing pickups that work well together in the first place is our most recommended solution. This may involve using a brighter-sounding or lower-output humbucker to match with your single coils, or getting darker and more powerful single coils to keep up with your humbucker. You can also use pickups that are voiced similar, but with different designs. Split Blades Give you a lot of options here.

You could replace your volume pot with a K pot, and you might find that your pickups meet in the middle. Imagine you had a Telecaster with a Neck humbucker and a Bridge Telecaster bridge pickup. Your guitar has a K volume pot, and your bridge pickup sounds awesome. Using our Bright Switch mod will help remove the K load on the neck, and brighten it up. Click the link to hear this in a Strat. The P90 in the neck will see the K volume pot as normal, and the bridge will see a K pot close enough to K for us.

There are trade-offs to this solution. As soon as you click into position 2 Neck and Bridgethe combined resistance will yield a very dark-sounding middle position. There are other solutions as well, all with trade-offs. You might also consider sacrificing a tone pot and use two volume pots. Will a neck single coil in parallel with a bridge humbucker be hum-cancelling if the polarities differ? I was under the impression they wouldnt because the bridge humbucker cancels the phase in itself, only to go in parallel with a single coil that still carries 60 cycle hum.

I have a cheap custom HSH from a small company that uses Chinese parts. Planning on replacing the pickups very soon.What makes the Fender Esquire so unusual is that it is a one pickup Telecaster that features a three-way switch. For those unfamiliar with what this switch does, or how it can be added to a single pickup guitar, take a look at how we dissect this strange component and create our own single pickup Telecaster wiring diagram for the Fender Esquire.

The first position sends the pickup through the Volume control only and bypasses the Tone control. Avoiding the Tone control results in a brighter tone.

The first position produces the brightest tone available from the Esquire. The second position is in the middle and it runs the pickup through the Volume and Tone controls. This circuit is the same as Position 1 of the Fender Telecaster. In Position 3, the pickup goes through the volume and into a treble roll-off circuit.

It does not use the Tone control in this position, and you cannot adjust the treble roll-off without changing components. There are several modifications available for this position at humbuckersoup.

telecaster humbucker single coil wiring diagram

An understanding of the way the three-way switch works is important for the understanding of how this switching circuit works. This two-stage idea might make more sense if you look at Figure 1.

Figure 1 is an image of a standard three-way switch. You can see how we have it labeled 1,3,5, C, and C,1,3,5. The C stands for Common, while the numbers represent the switch positions. Common is always active, while the numbers are only active when the switch is in that position. For example, In switch Position 1, the Cs are active on both sides, as are the 1s, which are represented by the highlights in Figure 2.

In the second switch position, the Cs are active again on both sides, but this time the 2s are active, as seen in Figure 3.

How To Install Humbuckers In a Telecaster

You can probably guess which lugs are active in switch Position 3, so we can start to put that to work for us. Now, connect the Hot-wire to Lug-1 on the left side of the three-way switch. Then, solder a wire from the common on the left side to Lug-1 on the Volume control, as seen in Figure 5. When complete, it should look like Figure 6. In this circuit, the signal comes from the pickup and enters our three-way switch at Lug If our switch is in Position 1, the signal will exit the switch through the common lug.

If our switch is not in Position 1, the signal will stop at Lug Once the signal leaves the switch through the common lug, it travels to Lug-1 of the Volume control.Remember Me? Home What's New? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Tele - single coil bridge - humbucker neck wiring. Tele - single coil bridge - humbucker neck wiring A forum member asked me for some wiring options for a Tele build with a single coil bridge pickup and a 4-wire humbucker in the neck.

The split-able humbucker adds quite a few wiring options, so I thought I'd draw up a few diagrams and post them for anyone who is interested. First, a note. When combining the pickups you may have issues of phase and, if you're linking a single coil to a split humbucker, potentially hum-cancelling problems - or lack thereof.

Essentially, you need to work out if the two pickups are in phase and, when split, which coil will give you a hum-cancelling pair. If you're lucky, you can just look up your pickups and see how they need to be wired.

For consistency, I've use Seymour Duncan colours for the humbucker wiring in the following wiring diagrams. Depending on how you wire your coil splits, one coil or the other will be active when split. If the active coil is the one you need for hum-cancelling, great. If it's not then you either have to change your split wiring, or change your coil ordering so you get the coil you want.

Same goes for phase issues. Note that reversing the phase automatically changes your coil order, so if your have the correct coil but it's out of phase then you'll need to reverse the phase and swap the coil order.

If you check the diagram above, the first and last example have the same coil order but with the phase reversed. I'll make a note with each of my diagrams which coil is active for any splits. The key is to work out the colour pairs for your pickups and then translate them to the colours I've used. If the diagram has both parallel and series I'll normally state which is which in square brackets.

Also, ' hum ' indicates the neck pickup is in humbucker mode, while ' split ' indicates only a single coil is active. The 4-way lever switch allows you to combine the pickups in either parallel or series, and a mini-toggle will allow you to set the neck humbucker as either series, single coil, or parallel. Adding a mini-toggle to the standard 3-way wiring has the same effect, albeit without the series between pickups option. So, you can't use a standard CRL style 5-way where positions 2 and 4 bridge two lugs.

Instead, you need to use larger separate lug switches like the Grigsby 5-way 2 pole and 5-way 4 pole. The 5-way 4-pole is a much larger switch with the addition of a second wafer. It will squeeze into the opening of a PBG TL cavity, but the cavity will need to be deepened and, in my experience, a bit taken out of the side wall like an undercut to ensure clearance when the switch is in position.

With so many lugs it's difficult to show how to wire the switch with an actual image, you can't see all the lugs from any one angle. So, I've modified a side view with the inner wafer sticking out so that all the lugs are visible and you can see, mostly, where the connections need to go. There are other combo's possible, it just depends what you want. Jeez Scott, How the heck do you come up with these.This time we are going to provide a Seymour Duncan installation guide to help you install any model Seymour Duncan pickup.

These pickups have two wires, and the wiring code is as follows. P90 is a Gibson version of the well known Fender single-coil P90 pickups usually have a single wire encased in a braided covering or shield. The wiring for P90 pickups is as follows. Seymour Duncan even makes pickups to replace Fender Telecaster pickups. Seymour Duncan likes to use a yellow wire instead of white for single-coil pickups.

Telecaster Pickups with four colored wires use the same wiring code as humbuckers. These pickups have four colored wires and one bare wire because there are two coils in these pickups, and each coil gets two wires. The wiring code for the humbuckers is as follows. Coil splitting is a simple modification you can do to turn off one of the two coils in the humbucker. You will need to convert your standard tone control into a push-pull pot, but the modification is very simple otherwise.

We have plenty of articles showing you how to split pickups, and even modify them further, here at Humbucker Soup, but we are just going to show you a quick diagram here.

One more type of pickup that Seymour Duncan makes is the single conductor humbucker.


These pickups are similar to the P90s in that they use a single conductor. Single conductor means there is one colored wire inside a braided metal sleeve, as was common with vintage humbuckers. The Mayhem and the JB Model are examples of this type of wiring and it is common on vintage style humbuckers from many brands.

The single wire is usually black or white and is the Hot.

Wiring Diagrams

The braided shield wire is the Ground. For any pickup, you only need the Hot and the Ground to install it. If we have helped you understand wiring codes a little better and were able to help you get your pickups working, please share this information on Facebook and Twitter. Your email address will not be published.

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telecaster humbucker single coil wiring diagram

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