Sniper rifle range

Sniper rifle range

A sniper rifle is a type of gun used to accurately shoot targets a long distance away. A person who uses a sniper rifle in the military is called a sniper. A sniper rifle is much more accurate than a normal rifle.

There are two different kinds of sniper rifles: bolt action rifles, which fire a single shot and then the user must ready the next shot, [2] and semi-automatic "semi-auto" rifles which fire a single shot each time the trigger is pulled, and automatically ready the next shot for firing.

In one such instance, a heavy machine gun with a scope, while not a true sniper rifle, set the record for longest kill by a sniper for years, until advances in rifle technology and sniper training allowed a sniper with a true sniper rifle to beat that record. Typically, bolt-action rifles have a longer range and are more accurate than semi-automatic rifles, [1] however because each round must be chambered by hand, the rate of fire is slower than a semi-automatic rifle, which fires as fast as the shooter can squeeze the trigger.

At close ranges, or in situations where a shooter must make a quick follow-up shot, a sniper may prefer to use the semi-automatic rifle instead.

Sniper rifle

Examples of semi-automatic ones are the M21Dragunovand the M82 Barret. Sniper rifles range in caliber the diameteror width, of the bullet fired in fractions of an inch from as small as. They can fire at extreme ranges of over a mile, but generally are too bulky, inaccurate at short ranges, and expensive for general purpose work. Sniper rifle barrels must be cleaned every day to get rid of any liquid. Not cleaning the barrel can allow to disastrous situations, or even let the barrel explode upon firing.

Murphy was said to have taken the shot at roughly yards. He was using the renowned Kentucky long rifle. Fraser was leading a recon in force against the rebellious colonists at Bemis Heights in New York.

As a result of Fraser's death, the recon failed. This had a direct impact on the overall battle, leading to the British defeat. The Battle of Saratoga was considered one of the turning points of the War for Independence. Martin Luther King, Jr. Another example is when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

He was sniped by a Carcano-type Model rifle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved While the "true" sniper rifles usually are bolt action ones, to achieve maximum accuracy Military Factory. As a semi-automatic weapon with no bolt-handle to operate, the sniper need not be distracted with the operation of loading the next round into the chamber. Global Security. When a year old Marine sharpshooter named Carlos Norman Hathcock II chalked up the farthest recorded kill in the history of sniping - 2, yards 1.It is available in a range of barrel lengths and thread pitches to match different suppressors and muzzle devices.

The LRT is a step forward from the standard. Maxim Firearms has unveiled two AR-platform rifles of note. First is their Maxim Huntsman, or B, which is chambered in. The second is the Maxim B, which is chambered in 6. Various furniture options are in the works. More features include a Samson Evolution KeyMod handguard; a MOA Picatinny top rail secured with four screws for increased long-range elevation capabilities; a left-side-folding Ruger Precision MSR stock with QD sling attachment points, a bottom Picatinny rail and a soft rubber buttpad; an oversized bolt handle; a unique mag well for a positive grip and bracing against shooting supports; an adjustable trigger; and much more.

Since its introduction, the 6. Savage Arms has added nine new rifles chambered for the hot, flat-shooting cartridge. Several chamberings are available, including. This is an AR-platform rifle with the enhancement of a TrackingPoint sighting device that locks onto the target with a laser system and allows the shooter to fire the weapon when the rifle is precisely aligned with the target.

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Canadian sniper's 3.5 km shot in Iraq shatters world record

Stay in the know with the latest from the Tactical-Life newsletter Sign-up today! Sign up for our newsletter Sign Up. Up Next. Athlon Outdoors Network. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.This page is a listing of major precision rifle variants used by snipers from around the world. A hunting or precision rifle equipped with a telescopic optic has been long described as a sniper rifle.

A person trained in the skills and art of sniping uses many weapons to complete the task and mission given. The weapon doesn't necessarily have to be equipped with a telescopic optic. All snipers have a primary weapon. The secondary weapon is a precision rifle of some kind equipped with a telescopic optic and it is this weapon that is mistakenly referred to as a sniper rifle.

Below is the list of precision rifles used by both military and law enforcement trained snipers and marksmen. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

sniper rifle range

The table is sortable for every column. Categories : Lists of firearms Sniper rifles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Omen Recon. Nemo Firearms. United States. Accuracy International Arctic Warfare. Accuracy International. United Kingdom.

sniper rifle range

Accuracy International AS Accuracy International AW Accuracy International AWM.Which is the best sniper rifle in the world? Which is the best modern sniper rifle and why? Our Top 10 analysis is based on the combined score of range, accuracy, firepower, penetration, reliability, production numbers, number of users, and some other features. This list includes only modern sniper rifles, that are currently in service.

It does not includes prototypes that are not yet in production, or ageing sniper rifles that are no longer used. Currently top 10 sniper rifles in the world are these:. The Barrett M82 is a semi-automatic anti-material rifle, designed and developed by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company. Development of this powerful anti-material rifle began in the early s.

Shooting range

Working versions were ready byhence the designation M It is worth noting that the M82 is a company designation, rather than a US military designation. The company successfully sold rifles to Swedish Armed Forces in In US Marine Corps obtained around of these rifles. Today this anti-material rifle is in service with nearly 60 countries and used by military and law enforcement forces.

In a number of countries this anti-material rifle is used as a long-range anti-personnel sniper weapon. This rifle was designed to destroy sensitive enemy equipment, like parked aircraft, radar units, trucks and various other important assets at long range. It is used for remote destruction of explosive ordnance. Even though it was originally designed as an anti-material rifle, the Barrett M82 is also used as a long-range sniper rifle.

It can neutralize enemy snipers at standoff range. This rifle can be also used to hit enemy soldiers, that are hiding behind cover and walls, as its powerful ammunition can penetrate through bricks and concrete. However the Barrett M82 is primarily used as anti-material weapon. The Barrett M82 is chambered for powerful This ammunition was originally developed for and used in Browning M2 heavy machine gun.

Sometimes the Barrett M82 is referred as "Light Fifty" for its cartridge. This weapon has a unique recoil reduction mechanism. It reduces the forces acting on internal mechanisms and the shooter.

This weapon is fed from round detachable magazines. The Barrett M82 was often fitted with 10x magnification scope. This weapon can be also used with night vision scopes. There is a flip-up iron sight for emergency use in case of scope damage.A sniper rifle is a high-precisionlong range rifle. Requirements include accuracy, reliability, mobility, concealment and optics for anti-personnelanti-materiel and surveillance uses of the military sniper.

The modern sniper rifle is a portable shoulder-fired weapon system with a choice between bolt-action or semi-automatic actionfitted with a telescopic sight for extreme accuracy and chambered for a high-ballistic performance centerfire cartridge.

In the United States, sniper rifles have been marketed to civilians including paramilitary militias. The Whitworth rifle was arguably the first long-range sniper rifle in the world. His rifle was far more accurate than the Pattern Enfieldwhich had shown some weaknesses during the recent Crimean War. At trials inwhich tested the accuracy and range of both weapons, Whitworth's design outperformed the Enfield at a rate of about three to one.

Also, the Whitworth rifle was able to hit the target at a range of 2, yards, whereas the Enfield could only manage it at a distance of 1, yards. During the Crimean War, the first optical sights were designed for fitting onto the rifles. Much of this pioneering work was the brainchild of Colonel D.

Davidson, using optical sights produced by Chance Brothers of Birmingham. This allowed a marksman to more accurately observe and target objects at a greater distance than ever before. By the s, the perfection of breech loading magazine rifles led to sniper rifles having "effective accurate" ranges of up to a mile away from its target.

During the Boer Warthe latest breech-loading rifled guns with magazine and smokeless powder were used by both sides. In the open terrain of South Africathe marksman was a crucial component in battle. The Lovat Scouts was a British Army unit formed in that was renowned for the expert marksmanship and stalking skills of its personnel. The men wore ghillie suits for camouflage and were expertly skilled in observation. Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard said of them that "keener men never lived".

It was not until World War I that sniper rifles began to be used more regularly in battle and certain soldiers given specialized training to use such a rifle. In Germany, these trained snipers were given rifles with telescopic sights, which illuminated at night in order to improve their accuracy.

During the War, the accuracy of the sniper rifle was greatly improved. These marksmen, wielding sniper rifles, had a drastic and demoralizing effect on the battlefield. Some soldiers even began to disregard orders from commanding officers to protect against potential harm, which thus broke down the chain of command on the battlefield.

Though sniper rifles had proved to be extremely effective in combat, there was still a great reluctance in many militaries to adopt a trained sniper regiment. The British army advisors supposed that the telescopic sights attached to sniper rifles were too easily damaged and thus not well suited for military use. Sniper rifles have continued to be used consistently throughout the later part of the 20th century in Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East as an integral part of the modern style of guerrilla warfare.

The durability, accuracy and power of modern sniper rifles are beyond anything in use even 10 years ago and would seem amazing in comparison to any World War II sniper rifles.

Modern sniper rifles can be divided into two basic classes: military and law enforcement. Sniper rifles manufactured for military service are often designed for very high durability, range, reliability, sturdiness, serviceability and repairability under adverse environmental and combat conditions, at the sacrifice of a small degree of accuracy. Military snipers and sharpshooters may also be required to carry their rifles and other equipment for long distances, making it important to minimize weight.

Military organizations often operate under strict budget constraints, which influences the type and quality of sniper rifles they purchase. Sniper rifles built or modified for use in law enforcement are generally required to have the greatest possible accuracy, but do not need to have as long a range. Law enforcement-specific rifles are usually used in non-combat often urban environments, so they do not have the requirement to be as hardy or portable as military versions; therefore, they may be smaller, because they do not need very long range.

Some of the first sniper rifles designed specifically to meet police and other law-enforcement requirements were developed for West German police after the Munich massacre at the Summer Olympics.

Many police services and law enforcement organizations such as the U. Secret Service now use rifles designed for law enforcement purposes. The FN Special Police Rifle was built for, and is marketed to, law enforcement rather than military agencies.A shooting rangefiring range or gun range is a specialized facility designed for firearms qualifications, training or practice.

Some shooting ranges are operated by military or law enforcement agencies, though the majority of ranges are privately owned and cater to recreational shooters. Supervisory personnel are responsible for ensuring that all weapon safety rules and relevant government regulations are followed at all times.

Most indoor ranges restrict the use of certain powerful calibers, rifles, or fully automatic weapons. A shooting gallery is a recreational shooting facility with very low-powered guns, often located within amusement parksarcadescarnivals or fairgrounds that provides games and entertainments for the visiting crowd. In urban areas, most shooting ranges will be at indoor facilities.

Indoor ranges offer protection from inclement weather conditions and can be operated around the clock under controlled environmental conditions. Outdoor shooting ranges are typically found away from populated areas because of concerns about safety, noise pollution and soil contamination. Indoor firing ranges are usually constructed as standalone structures, though they may be housed in larger buildings in basement or such.

Design considerations may vary depending on planned use but they all must address the basic requirements for operating the range safely, and that is provide ballistic protection, safety controls, proper ventilation, acoustic isolation and appropriate lighting. Firing range walls are usually constructed of poured concrete, precast concrete, or masonry block.

The walls must be impenetrable and provide adequate ballistic protection from stray bullets and back splatter. Floors are constructed from dense reinforced concrete with a smooth surface finish. Floors are usually slanted slightly from uprange shooting lanes toward the bullet trap downrange to allow for better maintenance and cleaning. Indoor firing range roofs are constructed from steel joists or precast concrete panels with a smooth flat surface that will redirect misfired bullets, facilitate maintenance, and prevent lead buildup.

Roof baffles are installed at a 25—30 degree angle protect ceilings, lighting fixtures, ventilation ducts, and any other unprotected element from stray bullets. Baffles are typically constructed of armored plate steel covered with fire-rated plywood. Deflectors are similar to baffles, but are not usually covered with plywood; they can be installed either vertically or horizontally and are used to redirect stray bullets from unprotected fixtures and elements inside the firing range such as doors, windows, and ventilation registers.

Shields are constructed of plate steel and plywood. Control rooms or stations houses the central controls for the firing range equipment, communication, lights, and security. The controls are operated by the range master—the designated official responsible for range operation and management.

The control station must provide the range master with unobstructed line of sight of the firing lanes and all shooters. Control stations are usually constructed of concrete blocks with bulletproof observation windows. Backstops and bullet traps are used to absorb the energy from the bullet and capture it to prevent overflight beyond the range area. Bullet traps come in a variety of designs and are usually constructed of impenetrable metal plates.

The thickness of the plates and the materials used depend on the velocity and energy levels of the projectiles to be fired in the range. Most modern traps consist of angled hardened steel plates that deflect the bullets into other metal plates to remove their energy.

The plates must be resistant to penetration, abrasion and metal fatigue.

List of sniper rifles

The traps direct the spent bullets to a collection area in front of the trap or, for high-energy projectiles, at the back of the trap. Many indoor firing ranges provide additional spaces such as a cleaning room for weapons, a classroom, restrooms including shower facilitiesoffice areas, lounge area, or storage and maintenance rooms.

Passageways are used to physically isolate the firing range from the adjoining areas.Sorry, we don't carry that brand. In an effort to keep our team members and community healthy, we will be closing the EuroOptic Retail Showroom until further notice.

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sniper rifle range

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